Shawn Quck

Personal Trainer

Shawn Quck, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and NAFC Group Fitness Instructor. He also with the holds a Specialist Diploma in Nutrition and Exercise Exercise. He co-own and manage NE Specialist Pte Ltd which specialises in Medical Fitness and is actively working with physicians to manage their patients’ chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and etc through exercise, lifestyle intervention and nutrition coaching.
Shawn is also the Co-founder and Master Trainer of Ignite Your Burn, a homegrown group fitness program. His experiences also get recognised quickly internationally and has been invited by NAFC to present their Group Fitness Instructor certification as a Master Trainer and a Norwegian based Aerobic Instructor certification to develop nutrition module as a coauthor and a presenter. Currently undergoing Master Traineeship with Maximum Wellness to become next Master Trainer for the Aerobic and Fitness Kickboxing leader course to bring out the best kickboxing instructors to the market.
He is recognised by various programs and bestow title of an Ambassador of Fatburn Extreme and GameFit and Elite Coach for MashUp conditioning.
With his past training in the medical research, Shawn believes strongly in evidence-based training protocols to train, coach, motivate and educate clients and student to the best of themselves.

Job Title
Personal Trainer


96457521 Mobile Number



Group Training
Weight Management


  • MASHUP® Elite Trainer (Since December 2018)
  • T30 Fitness Training International Ambassador for Fatburn Extreme® and GameFit® programs (Since June 2019)
  • Master HIIT Specialist (2019)

Professional Experience

  • Coauthor of IGFA (International Group Fitness Academy) Aerobic Instructor Certification from Nov 2020 to Present
  • Master Trainer of NAFC (National Association for Fitness Certification from Jun 2020 to Present
  • Co-founder and Master Trainer of Ignite Your Burn from Oct 2019 to Present
  • Director of NE Specialist Pte Ltd from 2018 to Present
  • Freelance Exercise Professional from 2015 to Present
  • Group Fitness Instructor involving HPB community fitness programs from 2015 to Present
  • Ambassador
  • Trainer with F45 Training from 2016 to 2019