A strong support base for students and aspiring new professionals is essential for ensuring a safe practice environment, promoting positive skill development and achieving readiness to commence a career in the fitness industry. At the same time, the process of delivering structured mentoring offers valuable career and professional development for the professional mentor.

What is mentoring?

In general, mentoring is:

  • A sustained relationship, often in a career-oriented setting, between an experienced and trusted person who gives advice (the mentor) to another less-experienced person (the mentee).
  • The process by which a person offers guidance and instruction to assist mentees in their personal and career development.
  • An opportunity to learn, develop and progress

Why should I become a mentor?

Keen to become a mentor? This initiative offers you:

  • Recognition of your qualification and experience as an exercise professional
  • Opportunities for relationship development with local education sector
  • The chance to ‘give back’ to the next generation of industry professionals
  • The opportunity to diversify how you gain your CECs for exercise professional registration
  • Gain CEC for mentoring mentee’s
  • Add to your professional tool kit and gain experience in a new area of professional development
  • Understand the educational and vocational aspects of the program application

Mentor rewards include:

  • Aid in creating higher standards for the industry
  • Learning from and connecting with your mentee
  • Knowing that you made a difference to the next generation of exercise professionals
  • Develop leadership skills

What does a mentor offer?

  • Guidance
  • Friendship
  • Support

We are always seeking new businesses and experienced professionals
to join our mentorship platform and help mould the future of fitness in Singapore.
Please get in contact if you would like to learn more on the opportunities available.



Who is a mentee’s?

Any student or professional seeking advice and guidance from an experienced professional in one’s chosen field is encouraged to consider embarking on one of our mentorship programs

Rewards for all Mentee’s include:

  • Foster lasting friendships
  • Network and community involvement
  • Share mutual interests
  • Sharpen communication skills
  • Gain unparalleled experience from an industry leader

Mentee rewards include:

  • Professional development
  • Having a person to turn to who has experience in the industry
  • Enhanced reputation and professionalism
  • Opportunity to overcome personal challenges
  • One-on-one support from trusted professional
  • Objective feedback on skills
  • Increased career satisfaction
  • Ongoing mentorship and collaboration opportunities

If you are keen to explore the opportunities available via the FitnessSG Mentorship programs then please get in contact today.