Continually committed to advancing the fitness profession

FitnessSG is a gateway to all things fitness in Singapore, working to empower the local industry, elevate standard and supporting the government initiative to make Singapore an ‘Active Nation’, encouraging more people to engage in quality health and fitness services.

FitnessSG operates as an independent platform that recognises need for collaboration to drive the expertise of the fitness profession. We offer professionals, businesses and allied health practitioners the opportunity to connect and progress and are CONTINUALLY COMMITTED TO ENHANCING THE FITNESS PROFESSION.

The mission of FitnessSG is to professionalise exercise, ensuring recognition of registered exercise professionals, encourage continued development, promote standards of best practice and feature local fitness events and businesses. We are dedicated to leading, supporting and enhancing an innovative fitness industry that embraces knowledge sharing, professionalism and delivery of high standards of service to the public. “


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The entire FitnessSG platform is centred around three key pillars: CONNECT, ELEVATE, PROGRESS.

These pillars reflect our core values and purpose as we strive to in-still confidence and credibility to the fitness profession. FitnessSG aims to continually offer a supportive network, assist with connecting and engaging the local industry and workforce, share educational opportunities and encourage new collaborations and career enhancement. All in the lead up to our annual event ExPRO, Fitness Convention Singapore, coming in June 2019 as the first ever exclusive fitness industry event in Singapore, designed to take our profession to the next level.


Embracing Education & standards of best practice

FitnessSG will support the workforce in their career development, offering mentorships, career pathways, education and encouraging delivery of best practice standards. With the support of local academies, educators, international programs and government initiatives, we have the opportunity to elevate standards and professionalise our industry. Our roadshow events throughout the year will also provide a platform for education, encouraging up skilling and development of exercise professionals.


Taking professional networking to the next level

Our platform offers opportunity for connectivity, networking and growth, as we continually encourage collaboration, help to showcase local businesses and engage fitness professionals to empower change. No matter your product, brand, services or skills we want to help connect you to the fitness industry. Join us for roadshow events, get in touch regarding partnership opportunities and use this platform as the first step to expand your services further.


Keeping the industry moving forward

Our platform will encourage continued development, inspire progression of the workforce and elevate service standards. We want to showcase our industry as a viable and credible profession that aspiring young professionals can look up to, as well as helping our inquiry leader to strive for promotions, build on their career portfolio and expand their experience. Career pathways, job opportunities, resources and continued support will see the fitness profession thrive for the next generation of professionals and show that possibilities are limitless.

These key pillars will also carry through to ExPRO 2019, where our key purpose is to help offer the industry a platform to come together, showcase local businesses, education and trainers.