Agnes Lee Yet Hee

Exercise Specialist

Agnes Lee, owns Fitness In Progress, a fitness business in Kuala Lumpur that specializes in training clients who are experiencing, or have experienced, one or more chronic conditions and diseases. A trained International Sports Movement Educator, Agnes has certifications and specializations in Cancer Exercise, Orthopedic Exercise, Therapeutic Exercise, Corrective Exercise, Youth Fitness, weight management, land and aqua group fitness as well as personal training. Agnes is also an Emergency First Responder Instructor teaching CPR & First Aid to others. Additionally, she is a Master Trainer for Super Body Super Brain (USA) and TOTALFIT in Malaysia & Singapore. A professional member Of the Medical Fitness Network (USA), Agnes is working with notable organizations such as Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI, USA) to collectively educate and ensure the local community and the next generation is well prepared to deal with the growing prevalence of chronic disease and health issues.

Job Title
Exercise Specialist


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Senior Fitness*

Speciality Training

Agnes’s methodology and approach in fitness coaching; provide her clients knowledge and strategies to achieve real results. Focused on empowering clients; enhancing quality of life, pain management as well as injuries preventions. Offering a variety of programs that emphasize on mental wellness, physical movement, strength, cardio conditioning, balance, posture and flexibility in an environment that encourages relationships building with her clients. Agnes’s classes are available in group exercise formats and private sessions in the studio as well as on site as per special requests. Agnes also conduct fitness/wellness workshops, certifications programs for corporate and private sectors in Malaysia and Singapore.


Agnes started actively training clients since 2013; she felt it was time someone offered individualized, evidenced-based, fitness programs, rather than hype or fad, and her mission is to make a healthier society, by improving the quality of life one client at a time. Her philosophy centers on the fact that human movement is a complicated and coordinated effort between your muscles, skeleton, and metabolism, and everyone is different. Knowing how each of the systems of the body work, independently and in concert, is essential in the development of an effective fitness training program.

Professional Experience

As a Medical Fitness Professional, Agnes is passionate to help making a difference to create a healthier community in today’s crazy world; taking her clients on the journey to restore optimal health and fitness, to influence and coach those in need, not only to prevent but to reverse chronic disease, restore functionality, vitality and hope in people, providing a safe environment and safe programming for clients to continue their progress.
Agnes’s scope includes (but not limited to) working with clients over 50, who have chronic disease (high blood pressure, cholesterol, metabolic disorders); clients who have given birth; going through menopause; have had a joint replaced, arthritis or osteoporosis; battling depression/stress and are on antidepressants; are obese (men over 25% body fat women over 30% body fat); have musculoskeletal disorders; have postural & mobility issues; overcomed cancer; have had an injury or surgery and just finished physical therapy and looking for fitness.