Our Board of Advisors link FitnessSG directly to the fitness industry. The board are responsible for providing strategic leadership and advisory regarding our professional guidelines and quality framework. They encourage and explore new ideas for collaboration, connectivity and growth and are committed to putting the needs of our industry professionals first. Collectively, their contributions offer informed and effective controls, encompass the organisation’s vision, mission, values, and standards of conduct, safeguard against undue risk, determine governing policies and program priorities and monitor and assess our success and penetration in the local, regional and international fitness market.

Most importantly our valued and trusted industry leaders offer valued endorsement and continued professional support to the platform.

Tommy Yau

Head of Fitness & Wellness -National Instructors & Coaches Association

Tommy Yau is N.I.C.A. (National instructor and coaches association) committee leader set up by NTUC, N.I.C.A look after the full time self employed in Singapore and they have 3 branches namely Sports coaches , Fitness and Wellness and Visual and Performing Artist .Tommy is leading the Fitness and Wellness branch that look after Fitness professionals in their Protection plan, Wages and Work competency and more. Tommy is a Strength and conditioning coach for numerous athletes mainly in the Ultra running and cycling community and also a Master Trainer for TRX, VIPR PRO , Power Plate, BOSU, Freeform Board, Coretex .He is now delivering Fitness Education through ACE and its education partners in Singapore.

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