Greater Communication for Coaches

Provider: Fortitude Fitness
Partner: Fitness Innovations Singapore
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Course Overview

Personality Profiling

  • Understanding people’s personalities will give you an edge to adapt, relate, and improve rapport
  • Learn the four DISC personality traits and what it says about you
  • Understand not only personalities but how to adapt to each one of them specifically for personal training

Understand Motivation

  • Learn how to create an environment where your clients grow their confidence and Motivation
  • Learn the three stages of motivation, Amotivation-Extrinsic Motivation- Intrinsic motivation
  • Learn the long-lasting Behavioural change
  • Understand and apply autonomy, Relatedness and competence. Gain, retain and increase frequency of training with your clients

Breaking barriers to effective communication 

Program Coaching

  • Coach your clients by adapting your language based on their personality traits and motivational needs
  • What, how and when you cue will make a massive impact in movement and session overall experience
  • Internal Cuing Vs External cuing and Analogies are a powerful tool to use sessions
  • Use O.A.R.S technique from motivational interviewing, Understand and manage expectations as well as preferred training styles

The five main communication transaction

  • Before they arrive, first five minutes, during the workout, end of workout and post workout are important communicational transactions
  • Understand Priming and feedback techniques for
  • Putting it all together by programming a workout considering personality traits, cuing and motivation levels.

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