Certification In Applied Functional Science

Provider: Benson Poh
Pre-requisites: N.A.
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Course Overview

CAFS is the first certification of its kind that will empower the movement professional to treat
and train every client as a unique individual. There are no universal protocols or screens that
apply to all clients. Instead, CAFS will reveal a process of observation and manipulation to
identify dysfunction and create treatments and programs for the clients’ specific needs based on
their individual abilities and goals. You will learn how to apply the 10 Observations Essentials based on Truths of human movement to enhance function.

What you will learn
· The Process of Applied Functional Science®

· 10 Observational Essentials of All Movement

· The 8 Fundamental Movement Patterns

· Endless Assessment and Movement Variables

· The Local/Global Movement Continuum

· 4 step process to Individualized Program Design

· Functional Movement Assessments

· How to utilize Local and Global assessments and corrections for the following areas: Foot/Ankle Lumbar Spine Knee Thoracic Spine Hip Cervical Spine Shoulders

Package Includes
16 Hours of Live Event
25 Hours of Online Content
Online Examination and Certification

Presenter: Benson Poh
Venue: TripleFit Singapore, 9 Raffles Boulevard, #02-63, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596

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