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BODYART XROSS (formerly known as BAX)
Instructor Certification

bodyART Xross is the perfect connection between strength, endurance and myofascial training. It is a stand alone fitness program and there is no need to be a certified bodyART instructor to register for Xross instructor training. Well researched, very intense and finely balanced, it was originally designed for professional athletes to enhance and supplement their ongoing sports training.

Xross takes performance enhancement training to another dimension by bridging the gap between physical and mental endurance. It trains the whole spectrum of the human body through the philosophy of yin and yang, taking any fitness-minded enthusiast to both their internal and external personal limits, and then challenging them to redefine those limits.

The philosophy of Xross is to combine physical effectiveness with mental awareness, focusing on breath during extreme workouts to create a synergy between physical and mental performance. This results in drastically enhanced performance whilst safeguarding against and minimising potential injury.

Xross Instructor Training is suitable for all fitness ienthusiasts and active instructors, especially school PE department heads and teachers, personal trainers, CrossFit, HIIT & dance fitness trainers, martial arts, obstacle and other sports athletes, parkour and calisthenics based people, and Yoga and Pilates trainers. The vast knowledge and fitness techniques gained in Xross training will take your performance to another level, and for instructors it will take your PT and fitness classes to a whole new dimension of speciality and expertise. There is also the option of course to start teaching Xross classes and broaden your training repertoire upon certification.

bodyART Xross is a 2 day training workshop conducted by Master Trainer Remo Stefanic (Germany) on Sat 27 & Sun 28 April, 10am – 6pm both training days. For more information releasing soon watch this space, or email

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